Community relations is an additional Plus that clean city delivers to its customers where informative door-to-door workshops are held in educational institutions, residential units and shopping centers promoting the culture of the three R's reduce, reuse and recycle to ensure sensitivity to the proper management of waste.

El Aguacatal now has adequate collection points for its waste.

This is the aspect that until this week had the collection points located in commune 1 in the sectors known as Puente Azul and La Playita on the banks of the aguacatal river.

These collection points were located some years ago by Emsirva and were deteriorated and impacted, generating inadequate waste management by users.

To prevent waste from being on the ground and being dispersed by stray dogs, affecting the health of neighbors, Ciudad Limpia, the cleaning company for the center and west of Cali, carried out a recovery and plastering work together with the neighboring community, which provided ornamental plants to improve the environment of this sector.

Ciudad Limpia supports the processes of improvement and care for the environment by recovering impacted spaces in the communities because more than collecting garbage, we create quality of life so that our city becomes a pleasant place for everyone to enjoy.

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El Aguacatal now has adequate collection points for its waste.

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