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Icicles Park now part of a Clean Cali for all

From 8:00 a.m., workers from Ciudad Limpia and a green areas crew from DAGMA, with the support of Web Noticias, joined forces to recover the park located on 7th Street and 42nd Street in Commune 19 in the south of the city, giving it a new face and making it a pleasant space for the community.

Nearly 5 tons of debris and solid waste that were impacting this public space and creating a dirty and unsafe environment with the presence of rodents that threaten the health of those who pass through the sector were removed from the park.

The planting of ornamental plants that were discarded in some parts of the park was also carried out, which were organized and recovered to plaster and beautify it. Likewise, paint and lime were used to paint the curb line, some trees and the stones surrounding the ornamental plants were painted white to demarcate the new face of this lung in the south of the city.

For this activity to make sense, it is necessary that both authorities and the community take ownership of the park and ensure that it is kept clean, because "the cleanest city is not the one that is swept the most, but the one that is dirtied the least" and with everyone's support we can make Cali a clean, healthy and safe space.

At Ciudad Limpia we are willing to continue to join in, because more than just collecting garbage, we create quality of life for the people of Cali.

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