Community relations is an additional Plus that clean city delivers to its customers where informative door-to-door workshops are held in educational institutions, residential units and shopping centers promoting the culture of the three R's reduce, reuse and recycle to ensure sensitivity to the proper management of waste.

Juana de Caicedo y Cuero blossomed in Siloé

This morning with great success was carried out the planting of dozens of kisses, antannae, ascletias, 11 bright, incense, verbenas, carnations, heliconias, brands and many others that attract butterflies filling with color and life, the walls and railings of the School Juana de Caicedo y Cuero in the commune 20 and that can be seen from the street 1west between Cras. 42 y 44.

After a process of environmental training, which began more than two months ago with reconnaissance visits, educational talks on proper waste management, and workshops for the construction of the "materas" with reuse of recyclable material, today the planting stage ends with the four educational communities that had the opportunity to experience the life cycle of the butterfly to project in their schools the creation of hanging gardens in their environments.

This project is the result of the inter-institutional articulation of the cleaning operator of the center and west of Cali Ciudad Limpia, the Andoke Butterfly Hatchery, Gases de Occidente and the Roviralta Foundation of Spain, which seeks to promote environmental care and raise awareness in children about the responsibility they have with the planet. E. Eustaquio Palacios, Sede Santiago Rengifo in the Sector La Sultana and the I.E. Multipropósitos in El Cortijo and Brisas de Mayo in the 2nd commune, benefiting 800 children and 40 teachers in four educational centers in this sector of the city.

Because more than collecting garbage we create quality of life in Ciudad Limpia we join with other organizations to promote that our city becomes a garden for all, bringing children closer to the care of the environment.

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After one week "El Hueco" was recovered.

Tomorrow again planting of hanging gardens in Siloé.

This Saturday commune 20 will change its face.

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