Community relations is an additional Plus that clean city delivers to its customers where informative door-to-door workshops are held in educational institutions, residential units and shopping centers promoting the culture of the three R's reduce, reuse and recycle to ensure sensitivity to the proper management of waste.

25th St. and 7th St. is born again

Today, this environment that for years has been impacted with about 60 tons of solid waste and debris per week has a new face with the 120 plants that were planted to form a beautiful garden.

After more than nine hours of hard work by Ciudad Limpia, the Environmental Police, Ferrocarriles del Oeste workers, with the support of Ferropacifico, Promoambiental, DAGMA, Bamocol, Distrimarket and Previmotos and the support network of San Nicolás, the recovery and plastering of the green area located between 25th Street, parallel to the railroad corridor of our city at the height of Carrera 7 was achieved.

But in addition to the support and collaboration of the entities and neighbors of the sector, we had the support of Web Noticias, the newspaper El País and El Tiempo who, in addition to disseminating the information, also put on their shirts and collaborated in the recovery journey.

In addition to planting different species of ornamental plants, the pedestrian corridor used by pedestrians passing from San Nicolás to the municipal neighborhood was recovered and barriers were installed to prevent wheelbarrow drivers from throwing debris in a clandestine manner. Also, the Metropolitan Police, headed by Lieutenant Alonso, commander of the Fray Damian station, will place a mobile CAI in the sector to help protect it and keep it clean and safe.

In Ciudad Limpia, more than collecting garbage, we create quality of life and we know that together with the community we can work to care for and preserve the environment in Santiago de Cali.

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The Comparendo Ambiental Pedagógico was launched with a great plastering.

The corridor of 25th St. and 7th St. will be revived tomorrow for Cali residents.

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