Manual Sweeping and Cleaning

The sweeping and cleaning of roads and public areas are the responsibility of the public sanitation service provider in the area where the collection and transportation activities are carried out.


Mechanical Sweeping

Cleaning with mechanical sweepers that have a vacuum system is carried out on paved roads that, due to their length, condition, width and traffic, represent a high level of risk for manual sweeping operations.


Household Collection

Collection is carried out in such a way as to minimize environmental effects, especially noise and waste falling on public roads.


Lawn Mowing

This activity consists of mowing, edging, cleaning, collecting and transporting the waste generated in the previous activities.


Special Services

We accompany massive or city events, activities such as processions, concerts and festivals, as well as major events such as the Cali Fair, the World Salsa Festival and the Petronio Álvarez.


Tree Pruning

It consists of cutting branches from trees located in public areas with no access restrictions, using manual or mechanical equipment.


Washing of Public Areas

This work is carried out using high pressure mechanical water equipment to ensure the cleanliness of these spaces.

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