Community relations is an additional Plus that clean city delivers to its customers where informative door-to-door workshops are held in educational institutions, residential units and shopping centers promoting the culture of the three R's reduce, reuse and recycle to ensure sensitivity to the proper management of waste.

This weekend El Saladito will be plastered

This Friday and Saturday at 8:00 a.m., the community of Saladito, at kilometer 12 of the road to the sea, together with Ciudad Limpia, its cleaning company, will go out with brooms, gloves and bags to collect bottles, plastics, vegetable waste and general waste that pollute the environment of this tourist area in the rural zone of the municipality of Cali.

The children of the Luis Fernando Lloreda School and the youth of the Francisco José Lloreda School together with community leaders will be in charge of cleaning the access roads, the park and public spaces of the head of the village and the sector of the Vuelta al Cerezo and the entrance to the San Miguel village, which is a very memorable landscape in the route of the Cali - Buenaventura road.

This day seeks to promote awareness about the responsibility we all have as citizens with the waste we generate and also, the participation of the inhabitants of the sector generates ownership over these territories that every weekend become hosts to hundreds of tourists who come to this community to rest or vacation.

Because more than collecting garbage we create quality of life in Ciudad Limpia we support these activities so that our city becomes a place for everyone to enjoy.

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This Friday km 18 on the road to the sea will be plastered.

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