10 years in Cali Creating Quality of Life

On February 6, 2009, Ciudad Limpia officially began providing cleaning services in the center and west of the capital of Valle del Cauca; today, 10 years later, we can see the recovery of public spaces and an increase in the civic culture of Cali residents in this area of the city.

1,173,116 tons of ordinary waste and debris have been collected in 5 municipalities and the 10 districts of the west side of the city during this decade, many loaded by hand by the helpers, after the passing of the car, which at the rhythm of the bell calls the caleños to deliver their waste to the compactor, if they are many it has been necessary to use the mini-loader and in recent years we have been moving forward with the container.

88 bollards, donated by Ciudad Limpia, 55 plants provided by the community and about 35 people actively participated in the day that included a talk on separation at the source with the children of the Civic Police of Fray Damian, collection of 200 kilos of waste, planting of plants, games and a morning of community sharing, appropriating the public space to make the Center a Clean City.

Now we need the collaboration and commitment of the community and the National Police,” said the president of the Board of Barrio San Pascual.

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