To provide the community with a comprehensive cleaning service with quality, timeliness and efficiency using high-tech equipment and an excellent human resource that works with effort and dedication to meet the needs of our customers. We permanently promote a culture of cleanliness that contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of our users without affecting the environment.


In 7 years, Ciudad Limpia will be the cleaning consortium with the greatest national coverage, standing out as an efficient and reliable company in the integral management of all types of waste, capable of satisfying the needs of its users and recognized for its high commitment to the wellbeing of its collaborators, the community and the environment.

Human Talent

In CIUDAD LIMPIA we are a group of about 500 people from Cali, including young people and heads of household, with excellent working conditions, ongoing training and the necessary equipment to work with well-being and safety, which guarantees a service with commitment, commitment and responsibility.


We have a fleet of more than 30 vehicles that includes sweepers, pressure washers, skid steer loaders, dump trucks and compactor collectors of the latest generation with the highest European standards, equipped with satellite tracking systems and private communication that allows the most efficient provision of the service. Additionally, we have magnificent facilities equipped for the maintenance of the entire fleet.

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