10 Commandments to Make Cali Clean during Easter Week

With a Citizen Culture campaign that invites Cali residents to take positive actions with the environment during the different activities of Holy Week, which take place in the center and west of Cali, Ciudad Limpia, the sanitation company, is preparing for the Semana Mayor.

In door to door informative campaigns in the access sectors to the tutelary hills together with the Los Cerros te Dan Vida Campaign, in which different organizations of the city that take care of the environment participate, the 10 commandments will be promoted to remind the neighbors of Cristo Rey, Tres Cruces and the Virgin of Yanaconas, that we all can do our bit to keep the tutelary hills clean during the pilgrimages of the holy days.

DO NOT throw garbage.
You will make the proper separation of waste.
You will take care of nature above all things.
Take care of the ECOLOGICAL TRAILS.
You will not burn
You will not plant or cut trees without authorization.
Deposit garbage in the right place.
You will protect and take care of the ANIMALS that live here.
You will not waste WATER
You will make ours a CLEAN CITY.

These are the commandments that the parishioners who go up to the tutelary hills during Holy Thursday and Good Friday will be able to observe in the waste collection points located on the roads, to remind the visitors that together we take care of the hills and create quality of life.

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