10.6 Tons Collected in the Hills During Easter Week

Three tons less, with respect to the previous year, was collected by Ciudad Limpia, the cleaning company of the Center and West of Cali, this Easter week in the Cerros Tutelares of the capital of the Valley.

965 sweeping bags, including those placed in the 140 floating collection points, 3 boxes of 3 cubic yards, 26 55 gallon buckets and 77 industrial bags, helped in the collection of the 10,695 kg of waste that were carried by the nearly 11,000 parishioners who, according to the Mayor’s Office of Cali, went on pilgrimage to Cristo Rey, Tres Cruces and the Virgin of Yanaconas as it is already a tradition during the holy days.

An increase in the civic culture of the visitors is recognized since, in great part, they made use of the trash cans and the collection points and very little waste was collected from the ground; this is a great indicator that the campaign of the 10 commandments, which invited the Cali citizens to take positive actions with the environment during the different activities of Holy Week, generated a degree of awareness in the attendants to the tutelary hills of Cali.

Likewise, and despite the weather conditions, hundreds of sweeping and collection workers, vehicle operators and operational coordinators also ensured cleanliness in the vicinity of the temples and religious events, the processions in the center and west of the city and even in the villages of the western side where it is expected that every year less waste is generated so that together we can make Cali a Clean City creating Quality of Life.

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