In different days, the care of Cali is promoted in the center and west of the city.

La Sultana, San Antonio, Calle 9 in the sector of Los Cholados, Bajo Aguacatal and Montebello, have been intervened with information days and socialization activities on proper waste management during this first month of the year by Ciudad Limpia, the company providing sanitation services in the center and west of the city.

Take out the garbage in tightly sealed bags in front of the property or in the containers provided for this purpose on the days and at the time that the collection car passes, do not deposit residential or commercial waste in public baskets, request the collection of debris on line 110 and deliver the recoverable material to the recycler are some of the recommendations that door to door has been delivered near the Cali residents in these days so that together we all make in the communes 3, 19 and 20 of Cali a Clean City.

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