2 Public Spaces Recovered for the City

Two points of commune 19, Barrio Nacional and Refugio, were recovered by Ciudad Limpia, the community and different entities of the city that joined together to make the plastering and improvement of public space in Cra 18 with 3 west street and cra 66B between Calle 2 and 1C, south of the capital of the valley.

Nearly 1 ton of vegetal and ordinary waste that had been thrown into public spaces by unscrupulous people were removed by almost 60 people, including the community, members of the youth civic police, DAGMA officials, community leaders and officials of Ciudad Limpia who, armed with bollards, paint, shovels, brooms, bags and a lot of disposition, recovered these spaces in the city with better environmental, health and safety conditions for everyone to enjoy, because together we can make Cali a city with quality of life for all.

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