26.4 Less Tons of Garbage in the 62nd Cali Fair

According to the figures provided by the balance of the operation of Ciudad Limpia, the 62nd Cali Fair was more sustainable since the waste generated in the events held in the center and west of the capital of Valle del Cauca was reduced by 20,402 kilos.

In total there were 30.4 tons of waste collected during the 6 days of the fair in scenarios such as the Panamerican sports unit, the southeastern highway, the San Francisco square where the fair events took place in this 2019 version of the Cali Fair, which shows that in this four-year period there is a reduction of almost 60% since in 2016 there were 75.7 tons.

Thanks to the joint work of Corfecali, DAGMA, UAESPM and Municipal Planning, in which Cuidad Limpia also participated promoting proper waste management, greater awareness was generated among attendees, producers, sponsors and suppliers who are part of the organization and implementation of the Fair. Also this year there was a greater presence of organized recyclers who were in charge of recovering a greater amount of usable material, reducing the waste that is taken to the sanitary landfill.

The cleaning company’s activities during the fair events in the different districts and townships of the west side of the city, promoting the co-responsibility of the attendees with the disposal of waste in appropriate places, and environmental awareness for the care of the planet, together with the operational activities that ensured the cleanliness in the center and west of Cali, today it is clearer that Cali is increasingly a Clean City at the Fair.

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