68,298 Kilos of Waste Collected in Petronio

17.3 kilograms more than last year, were generated in the XXIII version of the Pacific Music Festival this 2019, according to the figures of Ciudad Limpia the company of the center and west of the city that collected a little more than 68 tons inside the Petronio citadel and on the roads and public areas outside the Alberto Galindo unit during the 6 days of the event.

There were 873 bags used by the workers who, during the morning, afternoon and evening were cleaning and leaving the event’s surroundings free of waste; likewise, up to three shifts per day were carried out the collection of waste disposed in the 4 boxes of three cubic yards located in the UAR of the event and the Coliseo el Pueblo.

Hundreds of people who attended the institutional stand of Ciudad Limpia had the opportunity to learn about the pedagogical proposal where from the 3Rs Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and playing “Concentrate”, attendees learned a little about how to reduce their waste and how to make the proper disposal route for each type of waste.

In addition, those attending the Quilombo, the gastronomic, handicrafts and traditional drinks exhibition and the main concert stage, shared with Hipólito and his friends who, to the rhythm of guaza’s built with recycled material, learned the message of how to use the bins properly to contribute a grain of sand to make the coastline a Clean City.

And as a novelty this year, the song No Contaminemos Más, the first Hipólito Pacífico, Environmental Award to the unpublished song of the Petronio that invites to take care of the Planet, was given to the group from Chocó, Ensueños del Pacífico that will sound to the rhythm of low water to promote the care of the environment, thanks to the alliance of Ciudad Limpia, the Secretary of Culture and Corfecali, to encourage the musicians of the Pacific to generate awareness through the rhythms of the coast, about the contributions we can all make to have a Clean City.

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