Christmas Collection Adjustment in Downtown Cali

Due to the beginning of the holiday season and the increased difficulty in mobility, Ciudad Limpiala cleaning company of the center and west of the city generates a Christmas plan for the collection of garbage in the center of Cali.

The generation of an exclusive route for the quadrant between 13th and 16th Streets and 5th to 10th Streets, which is identified as the sector that is most congested during the end of the year, will ensure the collection of waste in the early hours of the morning to reduce the impact of waste in public space.

The information about the change, which will be applied only during the month of December, was socialized to a group of about 40 traders who gathered at the Shanghai shopping center convened by Grecocientro.

In this space, the proper way to dispose of waste was recalled and different options to improve the cleanliness of the sector were discussed, as well as the importance of reducing the generation of waste as much as possible, minimizing the environmental impact.

Because with the articulated work with merchants, together we make Cali a Clean City during December.

-Carrera 8 from Calle 16 to Calle 11 (7:00 start)

-11th Street to Carrera 5 (mobilized)

-Carrer 5 from Carrer 13 to 14th Street

-14th street to carrera 5 to carrera 10

-Race 10 to 9th street up to cra 7 (mobilize)

-Race 7 from 9th Street to 16th Street

-16th street between races 7 and 6 (mobilizes)

-Route 6 from Rt. 16 to Rt. 13

carrera 5 from calle 13 to calle 16 (termination approx. 10 am) -street from cra 4 to cra 4 (mobilize)

street from cra 4 to cra 8 is done door to door (underlined in red)

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