Tree Pruning Arrives at Lido

In the Lido neighborhood, 603 trees were delivered by the environmental authority to Ciudad Limpia for their intervention in the tree pruning activity in compliance with current national regulations. These individuals will receive pruning to enhance, lateral branches, thinning and clearing of lighting fixtures, etc., according to the guidelines defined by the DAGMA in the sector cra 52 to 42 between streets 1 and 5 in commune 19,

Four crews with the best equipment and qualified personnel with the highest quality standards will ensure the care and safety of people and tree individuals that with this intervention will improve their living conditions.

The intervention in the Lido is projected to begin on Wednesday June 4 and end on Friday June 15, starting the second quarter scheduled by the cleaning company of the center and west of the city.

The pruning begins on Cra 52 from 1 to 5 and continues through the neighborhood races entering each of the streets of Lido where passersby and residents are invited to use caution during pruning and to protect themselves from particulate matter that may be generated.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 5563118 or 110 or on the website

Taking care of the trees we create Quality of Life.

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