Clean City Operation During the December Holidays

Ciudad Limpia, the cleaning company of the center and west of the city during the month of December has reinforced the cleaning in the sectors of great affluence of people in the center and west of the city.

For this year, Ciudad limpia has increased its work team by about 40 people for the sweeping and cleaning of roads and public areas and with two additional crews of 3 people each, with their collection vehicles to strengthen its collection operation during the Christmas and Epiphany season of the new 2020.

Sectors such as the gastronomic areas of Peñón, San Antonio, and San Fernando in the Parque del Perro, the hotel sector, sports venues, tourist sites such as the cholados sector and in the vicinity of shopping centers and main roads will be served by a group of 350 people will be working tomorrow, In the morning, afternoon and evening, a group of 350 people will be working to clean the communities 1, 3, 9, 19 and 20 and the collection of the 10 districts of the center and west of Cali, and in morning, afternoon and evening shifts, the different scenarios of the events of the Cali Fair will be attended from December 25 to 30.

All this while maintaining the usual collection schedules and frequencies.

The only novelty in the collection will be presented during Tuesdays 24 and 31 that due to the different Christmas and New Year celebrations the roads are not easily accessible for the collection vehicles.

The company that provides waste collection services in the center and west of the city calls its customers to present their waste at the established times and frequencies and also reminds them that no official of Ciudad Limpia is authorized to ask for Christmas bonuses or any kind of gift during this season.


Ciudad Limpia wishes all its customers happy holidays and a 2020 full of environmental practices that add up to make Cali a Clean City in this new decade.

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