Cali, April 23, 2019 Tree Pruning in Cuarto de Legua begins

543 tree individuals delivered by the environmental authority will receive pruning of enhancement, lateral branches, thinning and clearing of luminaries etc, according to the guideline defined by the DAGMA in the neighborhood Cuarto de Legua in commune 19, will be the Cuarto de Legua neighborhood that will be intervened by Ciudad Limpia in the activity of tree pruning in compliance with national regulations in force.

The best equipment and qualified personnel with the highest quality standards will guarantee the care and safety of the people and the trees that will improve their living conditions with this intervention.

The intervention in Cuarto de Legua is projected in three different work fronts to begin on Wednesday, April 24 and end on May 4, ending the second month of the first quarter programmed by the city’s central and western sanitation company.

Pruning will begin at the park on 2nd Street and Cra 57a and the children’s park on Cra 59 and 1st Streetb and will then go through the streets from 1st Street to 5th Street and the cras from 59th Street to 55th Street.

Do not forget to be careful during pruning and protect yourself from the particulate material that may be generated.

Pruning trees creates quality of life and by taking care of nature we make Cali a Clean City.

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