Cali, December 26, 2019 Only 3.2 Tons of Waste at the Salsódromo

3.2 tons of waste were collected in the Salsódromo of the 62nd version of the Cali Fair; according to the report delivered by the provider of the sanitation service in the center and west of the city, which details that this Wednesday in the cleaning operation with 27 operators 538 bags were used in the southeast highway north-south direction that corresponds the area of operation of Ciudad Limpia.

These 1.8 tons less with respect to the 5 tons of 2018 imply a significant decrease, compared to recent years, taking into account that in 2016 14.15 tons were collected and in 2017 were 11.4 tons.

Year Tons
2016 14.5
2017 11,4
2018 5
2019 3,2

This is the result of the work being carried out by Corfecali, DAGMA and UAESPM to make a more sustainable Cali fair.

The work of the recyclers, Corfecali complying with the integral waste management for massive events, and the communicative and pedagogical alliance with Cuidad Limpia, to promote the proper management of waste, awakened the civic culture in the thousands of people who participated in the Salsódromo.

Once again, Ciudad Limpia came out in the commercial caravan promoting the care of the planet, this time with a small montage showing a common situation to understand how to take care of the waste to invite Cali residents and visitors to do it too, putting the waste in the bins and, thus making Cali in Fair a Clean City.

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