Cali Limpia on its 483rd anniversary

During the morning, afternoon and evening, Ciudad Limpia was in charge of cleaning up the sites in downtown Cali where commemorative activities were held to celebrate its birthday.

Thanks to a strategic alliance between Corfecali, organizer of the events and the cleaning company of the center and west of the capital of the valley, manual sweeping of roads and public areas and the collection of waste generated in the Boulevard del Río and Plaza de Caycedo was carried out.

In addition, a recreational and educational proposal was used to promote proper waste management with the proper use of trash cans and civic culture among those attending the different events.

Because in Cali’s events, Ciudad Limpia is present cleaning and promoting the care of the environment through proper waste management, since the Clean City is not the one that is swept the most but the one that is dirtied the least because together we all make the Clean City.

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