Hundreds of Trees Raise Their Branches to the Sky at the Refuge

Areca palms, Samanes, Mangos, and Guayacanes are the species that in greater number have been attended during the pruning process that has been advanced since March 4 when this activity began by Ciudad Limpia in the neighborhood of El Refugio in the commune 19 of Cali.

About 400 trees ranging from 6 to 20 meters in height have been intervened with thinning pruning, clearing of lights, enhancement, balance, among others, according to information provided by the DAGMA as environmental authority of the city, to comply with current national regulations that makes the pruning of trees an activity in the provision of sanitation service.

With an articulated work with the committed leaders of the neighborhood El Refugio and with informative activities door to door, the socialization of the pruning activities that are carried out in the different sectors of the neighborhood has been done, resolving the concerns of the neighbors about the way the intervention is done and which are the technical and environmental conditions for the tree management.

…The comments of the Divino Salvador park are the best, people are very happy, it looks very clear, which had never been done before, I express my happiness, since I had been trying for a long time, not days, but years, to prune the rubber tree that for me, is one of the few relics that we have left in the neighborhood of El Refugio. It reminds me of my childhood, playing and climbing on its roots. Today other children do it…. says Mrs. Carmen, a neighbor of the park who appreciates the work done and who, like other neighbors, believes that the pruning has improved the lighting at night, generating a sense of security for the community in this meeting point of the neighborhood.

The pruning continues in El Refugio, and later will move to La Cascada because the quality of life is achieved with the care of the environment and the pruning of trees also makes Cali, a Clean City.

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