Ciudad Limpia, 30 years Creating Quality of Life

In 1989, during the garbage crisis that Bogota was experiencing due to the problems of EDIS, Fanalca, headed by Alberto Losada Torres and Jorge Herrera Barona, created Ciudad Limpia as the first private company to provide public sanitation services in Colombia.

30 years later, it is consolidated as one of the 100% Colombian P.S.S., a reference in quality, innovation and seriousness in the provision of public sanitation services, not only because it has the best technology in the market, but also because its more than 2,000 employees throughout the country, day after day, put their heart and soul into caring for the environment.

The operations in Bogota with 30 uninterrupted years, Neiva, which this December 1st celebrates 20 years of providing the service in the capital of Bogota, and Cali with a history of 10 years in the center and west of the city, added to the experience of other international exercises, allows Ciudad Limpia to expand its portfolio for the integral management of solid waste and enter new markets offering a quality service.

Innovations such as manual bagless sweeping, the only one of its kind in Colombia that has been implemented in Bogotá since last year, have improved the quality of street cleaning in Kennedy and Fontibón and reduced the environmental impact efficiently and effectively.

Likewise, hand in hand with Hipólito, the recognized corporate mascot, community relations strategies such as “Dog and Shovel” and the colorful presence in events such as the San Pedro de Neiva and the Cali Fair, during the last years, it has raised awareness among thousands of attendees reducing the tons of waste in massive events and day by day works with the different communities in the territories building a culture of cleanliness and appropriation for the environments to mobilize the co-responsibility of the citizens to make an adequate waste management.

Firm in its purpose of preserving the environment, with love, responsibility and efficiency Ciudad Limpia will continue to create Quality of Life for All.

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