Community relations is an additional Plus that clean city delivers to its customers where informative door-to-door workshops are held in educational institutions, residential units and shopping centers promoting the culture of the three R's reduce, reuse and recycle to ensure sensitivity to the proper management of waste.

"The center of a Clean City is not the one that gets swept the most but the one that gets the least dirty."

The 2012 Christmas season will be the fourth Christmas in which Ciudad Limpia, the central and western cleaning company, will provide its services to keep the public spaces of this sector of the city free of waste, which during this season receives hundreds of citizens willing to do their Christmas shopping.

Because we are aware that during this period waste production increases, we will reinforce our operation in December as follows: in addition to the fixed collection routes in the morning, afternoon and evening, there will be 2 additional routes in the afternoon from 2 to 10 pm and at night from 7 pm to 3 am.

And as the task of keeping our city clean is a commitment of all, we invite the inhabitants and merchants of downtown Cali to make sure that their waste reaches the collection vehicle, removing it as it passes and thus avoid being scattered on public roads by street dwellers, unscrupulous people or stray dogs generating pollution and bad appearance.

And remember that if you have debris or a large amount of waste and require a special service you can contact us by calling 110 or 5563118.

At Ciudad Limpia, more than just collecting garbage, we create quality of life and we are at your disposal to make Cali a Clean City.

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