Two New Containers in Brisas de Mayo

With the aim of improving the conditions of service delivery to the inhabitants of Brisas de Mayo and Lleras Camargo in the commune 20, Ciudad Limpia, the central and western sanitation company, together with community leaders carried out the improvement of the collection point in the tower sector, this Thursday morning, May 2.

About 40 people from the community were attentive to the cleaning, plastering and change of boxes of 3 cubic yards and also participated in the educational and informative activities to raise awareness about how to make proper use of it by presenting the waste on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings when the collection car passes.

It was also clarified that there should be no burning inside the boxes and that it is not appropriate to throw debris in these containers to ensure their care and durability.

It is expected the commitment of the community and the authorities to keep the space free of waste and make the commune 20 a Clean Cali with Quality of Life for all.

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