Two Tons of Waste by Jovita Sector

With more than 20 people between coordinators, sweeping operators, collection, community relations and the arborist crew that performs tree pruning, Ciudad Limpia was linked to the first day of the environmental and landscape improvement plan held in the Parque de los estudiantes recognized by the image of Jovita.

In the activity promoted by the Mayor’s Office of Cali and led by DAGMA, with the support of members of the UAESPM, the Metropolitan Police of Cali and EMCALI, the cleaning company of the center and west of Cali collected two tons of waste, including plant material, product of tree pruning and landscaping activities, and ordinary waste and debris that due to indiscipline of some users were in public space.

In the vicinity of the sector an informative day was held to promote proper waste management and to remember that the Clean City is not the one that is swept the most, but the one that is dirtied the least, and that Cali is our Common Home and therefore we must all take care of it.

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