The Hipolito Pacifico is ready to be awarded the Petronio

A whirlwind, a leak or a aguabajo will be the song that will sound promoting environmental care as these are the rhythms of the unpublished songs that this year have been selected to win the Hipólito Pacifico during the Petronio Álvarez.

Three million pesos ($3.000.000) = in cash, will receive the group that is chosen by the qualifying jury of the Festival and will be delivered this Sunday by Ciudad Limpia, the cleaning company of the center and west of Cali, thanks to the strategic alliance made with the Ministry of Culture and Corfecali.

Meanwhile in the Festival promotes civic culture, with Hipolito and his friends on the main stage, in the Quilombo and the food court, crafts and traditional drinks, teach attendees in a playful way how to perform the separation at the source, and the stand in the institutional area invites them to make proper use of the bins, how to reduce, reuse and recycle to make Cali during the 5 days of Petronio a Clean City.

Likewise, during the morning, afternoon and evening, Ciudad Limpia guarantees the cleanliness of the surroundings of the Petronio citadel and in two daily frequencies performs the collection of the waste generated, which on the second day is reported for 10.1 tons.

The Clean City is not the one that is swept the most, but the one that is dirtied the least, and that is why we promote citizen culture in the Petronio to create quality of life for all.

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