El Refugio Will Be the First Neighborhood to be Pruned in Comuna 19

In order to comply with national regulations that include tree pruning as a component of the public sanitation service, Ciudad Limpia begins in March with the pruning of 1,244 trees delivered by DAGMA in the El Refugio neighborhood.

Subsequently, and during the first month of operation, the turn will be for the 514 trees in the La Cascada neighborhood referred by the municipal environmental authority after an evaluation and diagnosis of the needs of the tree, where it is indicated the type of pruning to be performed, enhancement, thinning, regrowth, dry branches, balance, and reduction of heights among others and that will be performed according to the guidelines defined by the municipality.

This process, which can be compared to a haircut, will improve the shape and vigor of the trees and will be performed by Ciudad Limpia to those that according to DAGMA information, are in public spaces, in good health, that do not present a risk of falling, or require root treatment, nor felling or eradication.

The company, which provides services in the center and west of Cali, has been preparing for the last few months to carry out this operation, technically and in compliance with quality standards and the best health and safety conditions at work, creating quality of life for the people of Cali and their beloved trees.

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