#ElRefugioLoveYourTrees this Monday, March 4th to Start Pruning

The Caucho tree, identified with the number 99923, neighbor of the Parroquia Divino Salvador del Barrio el Refugio in the commune 19, will be the first tree individual to be intervened by Ciudad Limpia in this beginning of the activity of Pruning of Trees in compliance with the national regulations in force.

This imposing Caucho de la India, located in the Refugio Park, with about 11 meters high and a little more than 3 in diameter and that, according to the neighbors of the area, has more than 70 years of life, will receive pruning of enhancement, lateral branches, thinning and clearing of lights according to the guideline defined by the DAGMA as Municipal environmental authority.

Ciudad Limpia, aware of the commitment that this implies, not only with the community but also with the environment, has provided the best equipment and qualified personnel with the highest quality standards to ensure the care and safety of people and tree individuals that with this intervention will improve their living conditions.

For this reason, and following an idea of the leaders of the Refuge, the whole community is summoned to carry out an environmental day with playful and educational activities with children of the area and that begins with a symbolic act with the Indian Rubber, through which Ciudad Limpia, together with the community, will respectfully ask permission to all the trees to allow them to comply with the care and maintenance work that the law indicates.

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