Early Childhood Girls Learn about the Environment

Early Childhood Girls Learn about the Environment

With the objective of promoting care for the environment in early childhood, an educational activity was carried out at the María Auxiliadora school located in the San Fernando neighborhood, in which a presentation on the proper management of solid waste was given together with Hipólito to the pre-school girls.

The use of the waste bins, the separation at the source and the responsibility that all humans have with the planet, were some of the topics that were presented to the girls in a playful space that generated great enthusiasm in the little ones, who expressed their impressions in drawings.

For the month of February, new activities will be carried out within the framework of the Educational Centers project, which seeks to generate environmental processes from the educational communities with talks and workshops in primary and high school, as well as craft workshops with teachers and the art group for this particular IE and thus achieve together to make Cali a Clean City from the school.

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