Remember Pickup Time and Day

With information days in different sectors of the center and west of Cali, Ciudad Limpia, the sanitation company, reminds its customers of the day and time of collection of their waste and how to present it to avoid the impact on public space.

First Street, Roosevelt Avenue, Belisario Caicedo, Terrón Colorado, Montecitos in the district of Montebello and the Belalcázar neighborhood are some of the areas where residents and merchants have been reminded that they should present their garbage or waste in front of the property and not in the road separators or in green areas.

Additionally, it is essential to recognize when the garbage collection truck passes by, so as not to leave garbage in public spaces, as this impacts the cleanliness of the city, contributes to the generation of mosquitoes that spread dengue fever and affects the health, the environment and the image of Cali as a Clean City.

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