Washing of Public Areas in Downtown and West Downtown Begins

About 1400 square meters of public areas in the center and west of the city this week began to be washed by Ciudad Limpia, in compliance with the guidelines given by the national standard and according to PGIRS of the Municipality of Cali.

There are 55 sites that were delivered from the UAESPM, which include pedestrian and vehicular bridges, public spaces and sinkholes, which will be made the eradication of waste by pressurized water on stairs, walls, drains, ramps and platforms to improve the cleanliness of these public spaces in the city.

With certified equipment and the latest technology, the Ciudad Limpia team will be working at night in the center of the city from this week until mid-August in communes 1, 3, 9, 19 and 20.

It is intended that the Cali community becomes aware of their responsibility to keep the spaces free of waste for the enjoyment of all because washing public areas also creates quality of life and we make Cali a Clean City.


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