Second Week of Washing and Disinfection in Downtown and West Cali

After a week, 47200 m2 in 24 points washed and disinfected, Ciudad Limpia begins the second week of washing and disinfection of roads and public areas in compliance with resolution 911 of the CRA.

Pedestrian bridges, entrance to the MIO stations, squares and parks, MIO stations, main roads such as 5th street and the received cleaning with soap and water and then a biodegradable product based on hypochlorite that performs disinfection duly approved and certified.

These activities are carried out during the day and at night, taking advantage of the compliance of Cali residents with the isolation regulations in these spaces defined by the mayor’s office through the UAESPM.

A team of 10 people is in charge of this work, which will be developed over the next 9 weeks to improve safety and cleanliness conditions to make Cali a clean city. #StayAtHome

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