Three Tons of Waste Collected near Fray Damián

Ciudad Limpia carried out an operation to clean up a green area on 13th Street between 14th and 13th Streets in an area affected by clandestine dumping of waste in the center of the city.

With a team of 18 people, an amplirroll and a compactor, 14 m2 of 3,000 kilos of waste of all kinds that were affecting the vicinity of Fray Damian Station of the Mass Transportation System MIO were removed.

the cleaning company of the center and west of Cali hopes that this type of actions will generate awareness in Cali residents that the Clean City is not the one that is swept the most but the one that is dirtied the least and that we can all take care of our “Common House” by taking out the garbage on the right days, presenting it to the collection car and guaranteeing that the waste does not end up in public spaces.

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