One Ton Less of Waste in the 25

About 40 people including volunteers, staff of Ciudad Limpia, Generando Sonrisas, Promo and the National Police participated in the activity organized by the collective “Jóvenes por Cali”. In the middle of a sports and cleaning activity they removed a ton of waste from Calle 25 from Cra 10 to 15 this Saturday morning.

Vegetable material, jars and plastic bags, glass bottles, packaging, and waste in general, which ends up at this point daily by street dwellers who receive undisciplined merchants or residents who do not comply with their schedules and collection frequencies were enabled thanks to the initiative of Jóvenes por Cali that permanently do this kind of days in which they seek to raise awareness about the responsibility we all have doing proper waste management to ensure the public space free of them.

Because the clean city is not the one that is swept the most, but the one that is dirtied the least, and together we can make Cali a Clean City.

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