Ciudad de Cali Avenue is impacted again #YVosQué

Despite the 45.6 tons of garbage and 271.6 tons of debris or RCD that were removed from Av. Ciudad de Cali last Saturday, February 29 in the #YVosQué #29F day, which reached about 2000 people, neighbors and passersby in the area, who received information from the companies providing public sanitation service co-responsible with EMSIRVA in Liquidation, Promo Cali-Valle, Veolia and Ciudad Limpia to know how to properly manage their waste, today it is already impacted again.

The five sanitation companies of the city committed to Cali joined again, with 12 dump trucks, three ampirrolles, 4 compactors, 1 backhoe, 3 skid steer loaders, 1 mechanical sweeper, and 138 people between sweeping operators, collection assistants, drivers, supervisors and social management staff and community relations, with a message to mobilize the conscience of Cali residents to not throw waste in public spaces. This activity was also attended by control spokespersons, the mayor’s office of Cali, with a group from the uaespm, accompanied by recyclers.

After this day we are looking for the commitment of the Municipal Administration, the competent authorities and the citizens to exercise citizen culture and inspection, surveillance and control, to prevent this great road of the city from being affected again as it can be seen today two days later. The question is #YVosQue?

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